Davis’ Poverty Blogs Episode 2

This new video blogging thing seems to be unlocking new ideas and things to talk about from working, money, exercise and the craziness that ensues from working with puppets! I love it! Check out the new episode of “Davis’ Poverty Blogs”

Davis has paid his bills and is now broke. So in this episode, there is no temptation to do any money spending. He’s just telling you how his day went and going off talking about whatever he wants. He also sells his shirt and turns into a monster. HUH? Just watch!

New videos for 2014

It took a lot of patience to get the time to make these new videos, but they are worth the wait!

At our new house we have a rotary phone that was left there by the previous owner. It made the cogs in my head start turning! So I made this video…

Then another video came inspired by a meme I saw online some time ago…

I hope you all will enjoy and share these silly videos with your friends!

Quesal Puppet Troupe’s New Base

After nearly a month of being “entombed” in storage, The Quesal Puppet Troupe is now officially in their new space in our new house! The rest of the house still needs to be put together some, but when it’s all done, this new place will have a large variety of spots in and around it for fun new videos (Sorry there haven’t been too many of those lately). I’ve been one BUSY guy, but I’m going to keep going because these puppets are what make me happy when nothing else will! I hope you all have a great day and a terrific Christmas and Holiday season! Peace!


Dickens on the Square 2013

In Macomb, IL, Dickens on the Square is the Annual Christmas Festival and Holiday Spirit Kick Starter full of little markets, caroling, musicians and other forms of entertainment including the Quesal Puppets. This year, Johnny Jaundice tries to bring you coverage of the festival…”tries” being the key word.