It’s the holiday season, to be exact CHRISTMAS!

So let me just say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone who watches this blog, my Facebook and my Youtube. Take care of each other, love each other and we’ll all be happy!


Done with College

Took my final final exam of college…Relatives came over and I walked down the aisle and accepted my “diploma.” I’m now a college graduate. I got dreams of making it as a puppeteer somewhere and I intend of fulfilling my dream! FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! That’s all I can say!

Christmas Time!

My body clock tells me that when December begins, so does the “Holiday Season.” I sort of started early when I had to record some new Christmas songs for my puppets that I’ve added to the Puppet Troupe after Christmas last year, but other than that, I will enjoy my Christmas music on my iPod and make my new holiday related videos from old songs I recorded in previous years, but haven’t had a chance to make yet and also new stuff I recorded just last week. I hope to make some good videos for these Holiday tracks. Please visit and check them out! Happy Holidays!