Leo’s music debut

Leo Livingston’s first performance on the DQPT’s YouTube Channel is yet another original song written by me!


Leo Livingston joins the Troupe

Since Summer 2009, Fonzo was the only humanoid puppet on the Troupe, but then Burke’s old buddy, Leo Livingston, came for a visit and wound up becoming our newest member…


Gordy and Baby

Gordy is really good with babies…


Trumpet Lesson

Now you see, this is why my puppets are musicians and I am not…


Drago and Blackie go out

Today, Drago was asked to run some errands in the snowy weather. His warm innards from breathing fire help keep him warm. Blackie enjoys cold snowy weather, so he tagged along.


Early February and there is still Snow!

You can tell we live up North by the snow…

Buckie in the snow

David & Buckie in the snow

David & Miller in the snow