The Cheese Song (edgy mix)

The Cheese Song seems to be a favorite amongst a few friends/fans so I made a new video of another rendition of the song with more characters and visual stimulation involved!

This is what I made before…


Nexus meets Zeke

A Koozbanian Creature named Zeke has zapped his way into the DQPT’s Base and Nexus is the first one to greet him…


Davis in the buff

Even certain puppets have a morning routine for a reason…


Muppet Whatnots!

I have finally purchased a couple of Muppet Whatnots from the FAO Schwarz Muppet Whatnot Workshop at

They are meant to be Muppet likenesses of me and my fiance. Their names are David Laseuq and Riva Marie Nosettam.

I hope to have videos of these new puppets in action soon. So keep watching the blog and our YouTube channel at to see them.

Davis and Riva Marie


My New and Improved Puppeteer Demo

Let the world now see a wide spectrum of my character voices and puppet work in 3 1/2 minutes in my newest draft of my puppeteer demo!