Good Old Comedy

I’ve been a little out of commission the last few days working on a custom DQPT project for a friend’s kids’ birthdays, so I haven’t been doing as many videos as I would have liked. But this evening, I got my cogs going again and made these…

What Howe Dragon Thinks of the month of June…

Nexus and Bronx make music with a paper towel roll tube

The Magic Cracker


Happy 4th of July

I bought some smoke bombs for the 4th of July and decided to put them to use in new videos with my puppets. Here’s what I got so far! Enjoy!


First videos of July

Hey all! I’ve been in a lazy slump for the last few days thinking about life and my future and I can tell you that it can take a lot of of you. I was finally able to bring myself to some high spirits and be in the mood to make a couple more videos. Hope you like them!