Visiting Chicago, IL

While on a trip to Chicago to audition for Von Orthal Puppets, I brought Ikabob, Barry and Bronx along to see some of the sights of Chi-Town…


Puppeteer for Hire!

This blog is officially not only a “database” of the characters of the DQPT, but it’s also now a big advertisement for our Live Birthday Party Shows and DVDs! Just go to the “About Us” link and you can find out about how you can either book a live DQPT show and/or order a custom DQPT show on DVD! I look forward to doing business you and helping you make your friend or family member’s special day more memorable than any before!

Also visit my new page at…

The Great Lakes Regional Puppetry Conference

July 29th through August 1st, Drago, Chester, Thomas, Bei, Zeke and I went to Springfield, IL for this terrific festival of puppeteers and their work. We had a great time! See for yourself!

Photos from this fun time as well as the other stuff we’ve done this last summer can be seen at ¬†