It’s Thanksgiving Morning and the entire DQPT and I are sitting on the couch waiting for the Macy’s Parade to start. This blog has now been online for about a year now! Thanks to to you supporters to who visit this site regularly. Your support definitely helps me keep going in life in my pursuits. If and when the day comes where I find good paying work in puppet theatre, I’ll have many thanks to many people, but most of the thanks will go to you DQPT fans! Happy Thanksgiving and have a happy and safe holiday season!

Watch Last Year’s Thanksgiving Party!

UPDATE after the parade

3 new videos have been made this Thanksgiving! Enjoy!


When The Saints Go Marching In

This video was made not just because I like the song, but also to give the 2010 Division of the DQPT a big group song for just them to do together! Enjoy!


Parody of “Hurt” by Johnny Cash

Ziggy and Howe have gotten this major chance to do a music video. They directed and organized the whole thing and recruited Chester to join them. This was the end result!


More Sock Action!

I hope you all enjoy the videos of characters blowing up into socks…because here’s more of it!


More Magic Mishaps

Watch as different running gags in the DQPT’s realm happen in the same video!


Puppetry Potlatch 2010

The Great Lakes Region of the Puppeteers of America get together every year at the Potawatomi Inn at Pokagon State Park in Angola, IN. This is the first time that members of the DQPT got to go attend!