The End of the DQPT? (Part 3)

FINALLY! The next chapter in this suspenseful Sock Note Saga is up! Zeke and Barry have been on the run. Zeke has sent out a distress signal and a few puppets have responded to lend a hand. Will this new group of Puppets be able to save the DQPT from their Socked Out Demise?


The Shanties – Mairi’s Wedding

St. Patrick’s Day is not far away and the entire DQPT is “socked out” right now. So I had to use my other resources to do something festive for St. Patty’s. So I made another Shanties pantomime!

The End of the DQPT? (Part 2)

In Part 1, it was made clear that the culprit behind the “Sock Massacre” of the DQPT possessed the notorious Sock Note. The only other puppet we know who’s had experience with The Sock Note are Exorcist Semore and his gang at “Snake Puppets.” We now see as their paths begin to cross with DQPT survivors, Zeke and Barry…