The End of the DQPT? (Part 4)

It took a month of getting free time and hard work, but I finally got my “Mini Series” moving forward some more. I hope the next chapter doesn’t take as long to finish.

The objective was made in Part 3 that Barry the Bird must get Da Duke Diamond in order to destroy the evil energy of the Sock Note that has possessed Chuggs Monster. To distract Chuggs from going after Barry, Zeke, Bluggs, Truggs, Yorick, Winston, Hopper and Gai will fight off Chuggs and the evil of The Sock Note in this epic Sock Note Battle. Will Barry get Da Duke Diamond and save the “socked out” DQPT? Watch and find out!


The End of the DQPT? Finale Coming Soon!

Hey all!

Sorry I haven’t had many updates on here lately. Several reasons. One, I’m saving updating the 2011 page for after the “mini series” is finished. I’m waiting for one last puppet to arrive in the mail from the UK and then he’ll join Zeke, Barry and company in the epic final battle I got planned for part 4.

I also bought a new camera which should give this final chapter and any videos I make afterwards much better quality than my previous videos.

Lastly, I became a father on 3/31/11 around lunch time so I’ve been doing the dad thing feeding and burping my new son, Gryffen, on most nights. Don’t fret, my friends. The DQPT will continue to entertain you as often as possible! My puppets are like a form of stress release for me, so I won’t be giving this up any time soon!

Thanks for being patient with this “mini series.” I’ll do my best to make this grand finale awesome and well worth the wait!