New Videos of 2011

Now that my Sock Note Saga Mini Series is done and all the DQPT have been revived, I can now upload new fun material that I have filmed on the side during the whole Sock Note Saga process. Enjoy!

This one may not be for children…


The End of the DQPT? (Part 5)

This moment has been long in coming, but the “Mini Series” I started in March has now reached it’s final chapter!

EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to my YouTube friends…

“DaveThePuppetGuy” for his collaboration and his puppet characters, Exorcist Semore, Floyd, Thadius, Evil Furby and Haunted Pumpkin.
“mypureimagination” for giving me the puppets that would become Winston the Wizard and Hopper.

You guys are awesome and you made this project more amazing than I could have ever done by myself. THANK YOU!