The Wizard of Quoz

It’s finally here, my fans! The Wizard of Quoz is finally up!

Leo Livingston tells a story based on the old children’s novel written by L. Frank Baum. The story of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” as only The David Quesal Puppet Troupe can tell it.

Principle Casting by TJ Nicol

Sid Snail as “Dorothy”

Charlie the Chocolate Lab as “Toto”

Davis Laseuq as “Scare Crow”

Thomas the Tortoise as “Tin Man”

Miller the Moose “Cowardly Lion”

Winston the Wizard as “The Wizard”

Wally the Wolf as “Good Witch”

Takato the Dragon as “Bad Witch”

Gordy the Gorilla, Chester Chimp, Nai Parrot, Gai Toucan, Truggs Monster and The Birds as “Flying Monkeys”

Druid the Dog, Sal Snail, Ikabob the Iguana, Nexus the Gargoyle, Yorick the Jester, Cameron the Chameleon, Hopper and The Scallop as Additional Characters


My Top Viewed YouTube Video

Back in 2008, I recorded a rendition of “You’re A Grand Old Flag” with a few of my puppets. On April 12, 2009, I uploaded a video of my puppets performing to the track I recorded. And as of today, the video has become my most viewed video on YouTube with over 30,500 views! I wouldn’t call it my best work, but if you people like it, well here it is!

Wizard of Oz parody coming soon!

Hey everyone,

Sorry there hasn’t been many new updates on here recently. By becoming a father, I have now gotten a 2nd part time job and am grown very busy. However, any and all spare time I can get I have been working on new puppet projects a little bit at a time so I can make sure they come out awesome; a bit like my “End of The DQPT?” Mini Series. I am currently working on a DQPT Spoof of “The Wizard of Oz.” I am editing scenes together bit by bit after a few weeks of filming scenes bit by bit. The finished product I hope will be done by the end of this month. I hope you guys will enjoy my YouTube videos that I already have up in the mean time. Take care and see you soon!