Surfin’ Bird Parody – The Toucan Can

2011 DQPT recruit, Gai Toucan and company have done a parody of Surfin’ Bird by The Trashmen. Hope you enjoy it!


The Shanties – Just Like A Picture

We are at it again. We enjoy the music of Bloomington, IL’s Shanties so much that we made another pantomime of one of their awesome songs! This time, Davis’ lady, Riva Marie, lip syncs to the wonderful vocals of Kris Lewis Parkhurst. Enjoy!

Yorick the Jester

Yorick the Jester made a swell debut in the Sock Note Mini Series earlier this year, but he has yet to do anything on YouTube that jesters are really known for…until now! Enjoy as Yorick does juggling tricks with dangerous weapons!


A Minute with a Neck Pillow

I found a nice soft neck pillow, but had other uses for it besides neck support…


Truggs Monster for Congress!

Vote Truggs Monster into Congress and they will have to change their name from “Congress” to “Progress.”