Legend of the Sock Note finale

The Finale of Legend of The Sock Note is finally up…sort of a “Where are they now?” kind of episode, but amusing nevertheless…or so I hope. Enjoy!


Legend of The Sock Note (Parts 3 and 4)

The EPIC SOCK WAR has begun again! Barry and The Sock Note are in battle in The Sock Dimension, The DQPT is fighting the Sock Army in their base, Truggs, Bluggs and Chuggs are meditating to bring forth the power of their ancestors’ stones. Meanwhile, Exorcist Semore is trying to help the DQPT and Floyd and Thadius are looking for Da Royal Ruby and Da Sorcerer Sapphire. Will The Sock Note ever be defeated for good? Keep watching!

PofA Puppetry Potlatch 2011

The Puppeteers of America’s Great Lakes Region has this gathering of puppetry enthusiasts every year at the Potawatomi Inn at Pokagon State Park in Angola, IN. This year, I took Davis, Barry, Eddie, Fonzo and Lloyd to the festival and these two videos were made. Enjoy!