The Shanties & Fonzo the Fiddler

In case I haven’t mentioned them already, The Shanties are a New Celtic Music band from Bloomington, IL. They make awesome music! I bought their CD the first time I saw them perform a couple years ago and loved it so much, I asked them if I could make Puppet Pantomime Videos of their songs. They said “Sure!” Now they are fans of my work as well as vis versa. Last night, I saw them perform live for the 3rd time; it was also the 2nd time they invited me to join them on stage with a puppet. I had Fonzo the Fiddler with me that night, so fun was had by all when he danced and played the fiddle along side The Shanties for one of their songs, “Girl from Kerry Hill.”

Jan. 19, 2013


About a year ago, I made a pantomime with the Puppets of the same song.

Jan. 31, 2012


You can learn more about the band and buy their CD at


A Can of Corn

My first video upload of 2013 is rather simple and kind of stupid, but here it is! Thomas the Tortoise goes out to check the mail and finds a can of corn out on the sidewalk…um…ok…

Happy New Year!

Hey guys!

Well it’s now 2013 and boy what a year 2012 was. 8 new puppets and very little was done with them due to being busy working as a parent and working 2 jobs to pay the bills. Since I love working with puppets so much, my posts may be few, but I will continue to work towards making new projects and keeping my fan entertained. If you guys out there have dreams or goals, take it from me, you gotta follow those dreams and strive to accomplish those goals no matter how hard it may seem. Never give up! Follow your dreams and make 2013 your best year ever! I’ll be doing that and I want all of you to do the same. Happy 2013!


–David Q