Your Inner Monster and Clown’s Sneeze

After a successful gig this afternoon, I was putting the puppets away and decided to just have some fun before I set them back on their shelves. I made a Muppet Whatnot that looked like a friendlier version of Chuggs Monster and I had some silly string left over from when I made Cleaver the Clown sneeze a gross silly stringy sneeze. I put these to use in their own short, but funny videos. Check them out and share them! They may amuse a few people!

Reveal Your Inner Monster

The Sneeze of the Clown


Marty the Mammoth in the Snow

Once again, Macomb, IL has been hit by a snow storm in the month of February. We got a bill in the mail today and had to take it to the Post Office. With the crazy snow conditions, we sent Marty the Mammoth out to drop the bill payment off at the Post Office because he loves going out in the snow. Big surprise there, right?

New Puppets for 2013



2012 was kind of slow for the DQPT. I wasn’t really thinking about getting any new puppets, but then I saw these two bird puppets on eBay for 50% than their retailed price. I pounced on the deal and got them both. I practically got 2 for the price of 1 and the shipping was free! Can’t complain about a deal like that, right? So yeah, welcome to the DQPT Tai Toucan and Frai Macaw! If you guys want to send a message or e-mail with suggestions for things you’d like to see these new puppets do in a YouTube video or videos, I’d love to hear what you guys have in mind.


–David Q