The weather in the Midwest is messed up!

Yesterday a Tornado warning was issued in the midwestern part of Illinois where we live…2 days before Christmas…WHAT? Okay, that’s nuts! Weather has been getting kind of odd the last few years; less snow around Christmas and more snow in February, but a Tornado warning? Mother Nature must be getting bored or something. Oh well, sirens went off, but no one was hurt and no major damage was done to anything. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday no matter what the weather is like.


How do we achieve WORLD PEACE?

Would you like to know how to achieve World Peace during the Holiday Season where “Peace on Earth” is a commonly used phrase?

Cleaver from the QPT has just the answer!

QPT’s 10th Anniversary!

The first weekend of December was Macomb’s Dickens on the Square. 2015’s Dickens marked the 10th anniversary of not only the very first show that the QPT did for Dickens, but the very first show the QPT did EVER! So this video was made in Celebration of the QPT’s 10th Anniversary!