About Us

Hello World!

Are you looking for entertainment for your friend or child’s birthday party that they will love and make their special day forever memorable?

Then look no further than the terrific variety shows of The Quesal Puppet Troupe.


I am David Quesal and I’m a puppeteer. I have been playing with puppets since I was young and since 2005, I’ve had a puppet act originally called The David Quesal Puppet Troupe (DQPT for short). Since then, the act has changed its name to The Quesal Puppet Troupe (QPT) or The Quesal Puppets.

The QPT is an ensemble of puppets that I use for performances that all age groups can enjoy.

We are available to do puppet shows for all special events including kids’ birthday parties.



If you’d like the Quesal Puppets to perform for a birthday party or any special event, just call me (David) at 309-255-3690 or e-mail me at davqueezall86@gmail.com as early in advance as possible.

Whether the birthday boy or girl is a 3 year old child or a 75 year old grandparent, The QPT’s repertoire consists of songs and sketches that are appropriate for any and all age groups!

In the event that The QPT is unavailable to do a show on a specific date, ask about the QPT’s Special Custom Birthday DVDs!

We look forward to bringing great puppetry entertainment to your friend or child’s special day!


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