Division A

After the initial genesis gig in December 2005, The QPT was given a more solid format and “finalized cast.”

Division A consists of the original characters in the Troupe up until the end of 2006.


Bernie the Bird is a puppet that I’ve had since 3rd Grade.

David & Bernie (mid 1990s)

In High School, I volunteered as part of a class and took him to some day care centers and entertained kids.

Being the eldest of the Puppet Troupe members, Bernie is sort of the “Kermit the Frog” of the DQPT. Kind hearted, friendly and a great buddy. His singing is pretty darn good too.


Cameron is a calm, creative and jazzy fellow who came to live with me in 2004 before the DQPT came into existence. He got a hold of a random big green cone in the closet and was able to turn it into a special musical horn that can make a variety of different musical sounds. His debut at the December 2005 Dickens gig was playing that Green Horn to a song from “Lord of the Dance.”

In addition to his horn, Cameron is great singer and in 2009 started studying magic (not quite like Harry Potter, but still pretty fun).


Puppets that are big enough for my grown up hands are hard to come by. Marty was a puppet that fit so I bought him as an impulse buy. Marty was the Emcee at the original gig in December 2005 and sang lead vocals to “It Feels Like Christmas” for the gig’s finale. Nowadays, when he’s not singing or performing with the Troupe, Marty spends as much time as he can in the coolest areas possible.


Mikey was purchased the exact same time as Marty. Unfortunately, his huge size made it difficult to find a good use for him in any live gigs. His live performance premiere wasn’t until 2007.

He is also one of the Troupe members who doesn’t speak regular English, but the rest of the Troupe seems to understand him anyways. He may be dangerous to those to cause trouble for the Troupe, but the rest of the time, he’s a sweetheart.


Drago and I first crossed paths doing an original fairy tale in day care. Unfortunately, I was unable to keep him back then. After I graduated from high school in Summer 2005, I got more than enough money in cards and such to make contact with him and get him to come stay with us. He was so happy to have to call home. Drago told a fun monologue at the original gig in December 2005. As the Troupe got more gigs, Drago expanded his skills. He sings bass and baritone, plays the Saxophone, Acoustic Guitar and Flute. Drago is one of the adult figures of the DQPT and is a great supporter.


Wally was a wolf puppet sitting on a rack on the very toy store where the DQPT original show was happening. He saw the show and enjoyed it and thought our group was kind of cool. We later realized that Wally and I had crossed paths once in a summer school performance class doing a sequel to “Little Red Riding Hood.” So it was a happy reunion and a happy new addition to the Troupe. For the next year, these six puppets were the whole troupe. Wally can be a bit of a grump sometimes, but he’s a nice guy in the long run.


Literally a year after the original show in December 2005, the Troupe were booked to do another Christmas show at the same toy store as before. Bernie, Cameron, Marty, Drago and Wally did a short and pleasant concert of Christmas songs and it was there we met Sammi sitting on the same puppet rack as Wally was sitting on. He was rather shy fellow, but we could tell that he wanted to be a part of the group and we had no objections in adding this friendly, kind-hearted sheep to the Troupe.

His debut would later be in 2007 singing “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” with the gang. His shyness gradually depleted as the gigs kept coming.


Fred Frog originally belonged to my advisor in college who was a collector of frog paraphernalia. He and I would chat with her in her office when I had my weekly meetings with her.

David, Fred & Sue Zendt (old advisor)

When my advisor retired at the end of 2006, she was giving away each of her frog items away to a different friend. Naturally, she gave Fred to me and everyone was happy. Fred Frog’s debut was at my advisor’s retirement reception!

Fred’s debut!

In his time in the Troupe, Fred has done plenty of singing, playing the piano. If you need a hug, Fred is the first Bull Frog we turn to!

And that is the whole Division A of the Quesal Puppet Troupe