Division B

Division B consists of all characters recruited in 2007.


Bennie is Bernie’s twin brother. Their folks were divorced and he was living with his alcoholic dad in Canada. Luckily, Bennie was able to avoid growing up to be like his father by hanging out with a better crowd and having a good friend be a better father figure for him. When the Puppet Troupe decided to add more birds like Bernie, Bennie was more than happy to come back to America and be with his brother. Bennie is a great guy and a blast to hang with at parties. He too can sing, but he also is an awesome percussionist. It’s like Bennie is on caffeine 80% of the day.


Some of the gang went to Iowa City for St. Patrick’s Weekend. It was there at a toy store called Fun Zone, where Ikabob was. He seemed like a cool guy and I had very recently before gotten my new debit card. I had the money to get him right there and so I did.

Ikabob is a bit of a grump like Wally, but don’t get on his nerves and he’ll be nice to you. He’s more of a talker than a singer most of the time. His wisdom and adult maturity made him worthy to take over doing Drago’s monologue from the original DQPT gig. Ikabob has been a great part of the Troupe from the start.



Sid Snail and The Scallop joined the Troupe with the concept of being a new comedy team. Sid is a shining inspiration to others like him who have no arms or legs and yet are still able to live a happy life and keep on smiling. The Scallop is another character that doesn’t speak regular English, but he still takes enthusiasm in bopping to the beat of good music and singing whatever he can whenever he can. Sid Snail and The Scallop are among the top fans favorites of the DQPT.


Takato is one of the grooviest and most enthusiastic members of the Troupe. He’s actually been living with me for years since he was a little tike.

He eventually grew up and grew up big!

It was easily realized that he would fit nicely as a certified member of the QPT. He loves to sing, dance and flirt with the ladies. He is also a terrific drummer!

Takato got a cool opportunity in 2008 to join me to our first Anime Convention!


Phillip Bea Frog is a friendly, clever and sometimes goofy fellow who joined the Troupe from Florida.

His voice sounds a lot like Kermit the Frog, but he explains, “A lot of puppet frogs sound like that!”

Phillip Bea’s personality and size was just right for the Troupe. He takes great enjoyment in interacting with the others, singing, dancing and playing the Trumpet.


He’s an adorable puppy who joined the Troupe at the same time as Phillip Bea. He has a lisp, but couldn’t care less. He loves to play fetch and do anything involving moving around.


More photos taken in 2006 and 2007 can be seen at this Facebook Link