Division C

Division C is made up of all the Puppets added in 2008.


Thomas is a Galapagos Tortoise that’s over 100 years old, but still enjoys seeing the world and exploring new things. We met him at the same toy store as some of the others and he thought hanging with the DQPT would be a great new experience. He has yet to be proved wrong. He’s the Troupe’s wise old man and philosopher.


Eddie joined the Troupe to be an adult figure and also so Marty the Mammoth wouldn’t feel so alone being the QPT’s only pachyderm character.

He likes to care for the younger members and when he gets the chance to sing, he takes it.


Alfred was an old swamp mate of Phillip Bea’s from Florida. When we were seeking new members for 2008, Phillip Bea gave him an invite and Alfred was stoked to be back with his old buddy and to make a bunch of new friends in the process.

Alfred may look scary, but he is anything but! He is a sweet guy who loves to make the people around him happy.


Miller is the fatherly figure who took care of Bennie in Canada. When a bear that we asked to join the Troupe backed out, Bennie contacted him and asked him to join in the bear’s place. Miller had reached his retirement and had no where else to go. He was happy to come back to be with Bennie again, but he wound up getting along really really well with the rest of the group; especially Thomas, Cameron and Sid. Miller is the more sophisticated, dignified and respectable member of the Troupe. Yet, he does not look down on the members who act all crazy like. He respects people for who they are.


A goofy gorilla from the South, Gordy had a lot of features that I had been looking for in a puppet, but couldn’t find. Very friendly, very expressive and very versatile! He joined the troupe and has arms like none of the others making him perfect for playing various instruments.

He first played Drago’s guitar, then he began playing electric guitar…

…then came the clarinet…

…then came the flute…

Gordy is a fan favorite among all members of the DQPT.


Blackie is another cousin of the Bird Brothers. He was living in Lockwood, Florida most of his life and was getting fed up with his heat absorbent body in the Florida sun. Luckily Bernie made contact with him when some of us took a trip to Daytona Beach and Blackie leaped at the chance to move to a cooler location. Blackie is an independent bird with a positive message for all to not let others walk all over you.

Making contact with Blackie


Nexus used to be cooped up in a cathedral. When he finally figured out how to flap his wings and fly, he flew his way to the Troupe and realized how nice the gang was so he stuck around. His videos on YouTube are like his own little series where he is seeing things and exploring things for the very first time. He’s extremely curious and easily spooked, but still lovable.


While Blackie is a cousin from Bernie and Bennie’s Mom’s side of the family, Barnie is a cousin from their Dad’s side of the family. Raised to be Republican, but rebelled to Democrat when he moved out of his folks’ place, Barnie is a nice guy as long as you don’t give him any trouble. He will stand up for himself and for the people he cares about.



Billy is the flamboyant, homosexual brother of Barnie. He joined the Troupe in December the same weekend as our 4th annual Christmas gig. So he got to have his debut in front of an audience right away. He’s been many places, but has stayed with the QPT the longest because no one judges him for his sexuality.

That was Division C.

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