Division E

Division E is all QPT members recruited in 2010.


Seymour is called a Sea Serpent because he has fins and can swim rather than fly. He’s dragon-like enough he can still enjoy being a part of the Troupe without any special accommodations. He does enjoy swimming whenever he can; preferably in salt water.

Seymour sets a new record by being the longest puppet in the Troupe.


Leo is a fellow of Irish roots who would very often visit family in Ireland. There he would also hang out with Burke. When he found out where Burke moved to, he came over to the DQPT base to visit him. He wound up being asked to join the Troupe!

Being the second humanoid puppet to join the Troupe except without anything sewed onto his hands, Leo has done many things from instrument playing to lifting and carrying items to shaking hands. Leo is a good friend and we’re happy to have him here.


Henry was an old pal of Eddie Elephant. He’s very enthusiastic and a borderline evangelist. He just wants everyone around him to be happy with who they are. With the rest of our happy troupe of puppets, that isn’t too difficult for him here.


Nai Parrot is another enthusiastic character who used to hang out in the same trees as Gordy did down in Alabama. After Gordy left Alabama to join the Quesal Puppets, Nai went to England to find new adventures. When he was finished, he chose to come see his old friend again. He came in the mail and Gordy was so happy to have him around again that he was able to get Nai certified as an official member- #40!


Bei and Bronx are the first pair of Bird Brothers to join the QPT that are identical twins! They were neighbors of Bertram and Bobbo’s in New York. While Bobbo and Bertram are adopted Bird Brothers, Bei and Bronx are the offspring of Bobbo’s biological Aunt and Uncle. Bobbo, Bei and Bronx were best friends as well as cousins hanging out all the time. When they were old enough, Bei and Bronx left New York to experiment and explore the non-city life. They only kept in contact with Bobbo keeping updates on where they were staying to keep their journey undisturbed. March 2010, they grew tired of the poverty that their journey brought. When they wrote to Bobbo to tell him about that, Bobbo took it upon himself to travel to the old windmill in Illinois that they were living in and bring them to be in the QPT.

Bei, Bobbo & Bronx

Bei and Bronx have settled in nicely as new drummers for most of the QPT’s most recent music videos.


Berbennie was not exactly born like the other Birds of the QPT. When no other Bird relatives wanted to join the Troupe, Cameron worked on a new magic spell in which he took samples of hair from Bernie and Bennie, put them on the tip of his wand, had the rest of the birds breathe on his wand to give it “Breath of Life” and finish the job with a great magical incantation. In a flash, Berbennie had been created with all the needed knowledge a DQPT member needs. It’s as if he was always in the QPT’s home base and finally had been given a solid form.

Bernie, Berbennie and Bennie


Davis in baseball gear

Davis is a Muppet Whatnot from the FAO Schwarz Muppet Whatnot Workshop I created as a Muppet likeness of myself. He’s a fun fellow who likes to sing, dance, but mainly he likes to hang around and chat with the rest of the Troupe. He is also working on his own blog series called “Davis’ Poverty Blogs.” Look him up on YouTube!


From the Muppet Whatnot Workshop at FAO Schwarz; Riva was created by me and my wife, Rana, to be Muppet likenesses of her. She was Davis’ fiance when they joined the Troupe. They got married on May 23, 2012. She works as a Reporter.


Zeke is a Muppet Whatnot from the FAO Schwarz Muppet Whatnot Workshop I created as a new Koozbanian creature you might say. He was brought into the Troupe with little knowledge of the world so everything seems to spook him. Since Nexus has been through a lot of that already, the two have become best buddies starting to go on new fun adventures together.


Sal Snail is a cousin of Sid Snail. He was out traveling the country and the October cold weather started getting too cold for him and he was conveniently close to our base in Illinois. He contacted Sid and Sid invited him to stay with the QPT and Sal was happy to join. Sal is very expressive and very sophisticated, or at least he tries to be.

Sal & Sid

And this is the entire Quesal Puppet Troupe as of 2010!

Enjoy more photos taken in 2010 at this Facebook Link

Also check out our TRAVEL ADVENTURES of 2010


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