Division F

Division F consists of the 2011 recruits.


Druid was brought into the Puppet Troupe as a gift from my director from a local production of The Nutcracker I was involved in. He’s around the same age as Charlie, but has been through more and seen more things in his life to make him a great deal more mature. He can have a bit of an attitude on him at times.

His debut video was braving a blizzard…


Phillip Bea’s cousin, Froy, travels in his Rocket Ship. He just flies through once in a while…


This FAO Schwarz Muppet Whatnot Monster was purchased when the Muppet Whatnots were put on sale. I wasn’t sure what to do with him at first, but then I decided to follow up on my friend’s “Sock Note” video to create something real interesting!

Chuggs is kind of like Animal on The Muppet Show or Frazzle on Sesame Street; kind of mean, but not too smart, still lovable and so on.


Bluggs is a monster who loves to give “Bluggs Hugs” with his huge hands. When he has free time, he loves to hang around in closets. If he shows kids that monsters are not scary even when they are in your closet, that’s an added bonus for him.


Truggs is a nice creature with wings to fly and a heart to devote to those he cares about. If he can help out a friend in any way, it’s his honor to do so.

QPT’s Monster Trio


Yorick had been working for Renaissance Fairs for a long time and watched the QPT and grew to idolize them very much. When he got the opportunity to bring his story telling and jester antics to the Troupe, he was jumping for joy. He loves to juggle, do knife throwing and making any story he tells something worth listening to.


Gai may not sound like it when you hear him talk, but he lived in the UK and was “tree mates” with Nai Parrot before Nai came to join the Troupe in 2010. When Nai was “socked out” in our “Mini Series,” Gai wanted to come and help save him and the rest of the gang. Gai is a scarlet macaw who was adopted into a toucan family. He loves croutons and soy milk.


Barry is the younger cousin of Bernie and Bennie. He was living with his family in Ireland since birth, but they we’re suffering from poverty so badly that Barry had little chances of survival. In 2007, Bernie stepped in and offered to have Barry come stay with the QPT. Being well cared for here, Barry is a little like Robin the Frog from The Muppet Show.

Later on in 2011, Barry reached a new level of maturity combined with the power of Da Duke Diamond which resulted in him growing up into the bird he is as of 2011.


Lloyd was brought forth into the Troupe via Cameron’s magic. He is a nice guy and we knew he’d make a great source for “fowl” humor in the Troupe!

The QPT 2011 Division

Many more photos can be seen from 2011 at this Facebook Link.

Also visit the photo album from this years trip to the PofA Puppetry Potlatch

Also in 2011, We started getting occasional from these two.


Winston is a master wizard who has been training Cameron the Chameleon in the realm of magic via mail order since 2009. Hopper is Winston’s hyper active, caffeine hooked frog and assistant.


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