Division G

Division G features the Puppets inducted in 2012.


Milo is a clever, easy going and kindly chameleon who likes to take things easy in order to get them done right. Milo was one of Cameron’s classmates learning magic from Winston the Wizard. Cameron didn’t want to give up being in the Puppet Troupe, so the two went their separate ways and continued to be mentored by Winston on their own time.

In 2011, Barry and some of the guys met Milo at the Puppeteers of America Great Lakes Regional Puppetry Potlatch. He didn’t come home with them, but they had a lot of fun hanging out together during that weekend.

After the Troupe transitioned to their new place after their epic war with The Sock Note, Milo began coming over to visit and hang out once in a while. He also used his magic to create Monster X to be a butler type figure for the Troupe to help out around the house.


Monster X is whatever we want him to be. He was created by Milo the Chameleon’s magic to be at the service of the Troupe for chores, performances or anything else. He was created with knowledge of a lot by Milo, but there are still some things he needs to learn.

It wasn’t until he and Milo did a fun little act at a live puppet show for kicks when the Troupe’s senior members decided to officially induct them both into the Troupe.


Buster is Blackie the Bird’s brother from a different mother. Their dad was an alcoholic crow who loved making love to other birds. Despite this truth, Buster lived with his dad until his death in early 2012. After which, he came to his only living relative he felt comfortable with, Blackie. They didn’t talk much due to family tension that grew from their separation. But they eventually made peace and now Buster is becoming a better bird being loved here with the Troupe.


Cleaver is a former classmate of Yorick the Jester’s from Clown College. Yorick took what he learned to be a Jester and Cleaver went for the Clown scene. He thought it might be fun to bring the antics of a classic clown to the Troupe, so he applied, Bernie and the guys asked to come audition and when he arrived, he already showed he was worthy of being in the Puppet Troupe with a silly gag seen in the picture below.

Cleaver’s arrival


Buddy Bear was discovered in the woods not far from the QPT’s home. Miller and Bennie met him when they were hanging out there in the woods one day. He’s a very mellow fellow who’s trying to learn to play the banjo. He gives great big bear hugs. His debut was playing the “doctor” in Davis’ nightmare.


This male calico cat was found in the park by Bennie the Bird. Cletus was looking for a snack, attacked Bennie, Bennie defended himself and humiliated Cletus. Cletus gained new respect for birds that day. Bennie invited him to meet the QPT and he’s still getting into the swing of things around here…


Zorg is a cool new addition to the QPT. You may notice his similar looks to Zeke. Well basically, he is from another universe  in the multiverse in which he was playing Zeke’s role. The biggest difference was that in his home dimension, The Sock Note won and took over the world. Zorg was put under Xain’s evil spell and sent to travel to other dimensions to seek out more power sources to make Xain more powerful. When he came to this universe, Barry and company successfully broke the spell and helped Zorg to defeat the Xain of his home dimension. Zorg now travels our world as an ambassador to promote the good will of all creatures in the Universe.


The Great Monster Lord, Zekian, has returned! You may have heard his name in Legend of The Sock Note. After seeing what kind hearted creatures were a part of the QPT, he decided to be a part of the group and now travels our world as an ambassador to promote the good will of all creatures in the Universe.

Here’s the full length film showing how Zorg and Zekian came into the QPT!

DQPT 2012 Division


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