Division D

Division D consists of all the puppets who joined in 2009.


Barry’s big brother who stayed in Ireland to try and keep the family fed. His under nourishment left him looking just as little as his little brother. Luckily, the family was loved by the locals in their area. They got a large donation from one of those Home Makeover shows. Burke’s family was finally out of poverty. But rather than come to America to bring Barry back to Ireland, Burke found a new and even happier living place with the QPT.


This also under nourished Bird was living along the rooftops of London and when Burke made the journey to America, he stopped by London to bring Baxter along.

Burke and Baxter were happy being in the QPT, but not happy about being older Birds in younger bodies. Lucky, Cameron was getting the hang of his magic and was able to use it to turn them into the adult sized birds they longed to be.

They now try to bring amusing European entertainment to the Troupe.


Bertram the bi-sexual bird of the group. When he learned that his cousin, Billy, was happy in this group of respecting puppets, he came to join and we were happy to have him here.


Bobbo is Bertram’s brother. The two of the them were adopted by a Bird family in New York. Bertram is like Bobbo’s mentor. Bobbo isn’t the youngest bird in the troupe, but he’s probably the silliest (a bit of a half-wit). No matter what mistakes Bobbo makes, we still love him!

He loves to sing, dance and see the world. He just might make a dumb honest mistake here and there. But his biggest accomplishment / mistake was in Daytona Beach when he climbed up the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.


These Bird Brothers came to join the Troupe from Australia. They were given the invite to join the troupe not long after the invite to Bertram all because we stumbled onto their contact info. They are happy to be here and see America. Buckie can be vain a bit of a “wise guy” and Bart is a pretty good percussionist. Both of them really like to dance!


Boyle is Blackie’s brother. They share the same mother, but have different fathers.

Boyle’s been a bit of a wanderer with the weird assumption that no side of his family wanted him, but when he passed through Illinois, Blackie met up with him and showed him the truth that he is loved. Boyle likes to tell jokes and hang out. While he can and likes to sing, he LOVES to lip sync to other vocals and get others in on the act.


I love Celtic Music and love the great violin music heard in it. I wanted to find either a fiddle for a puppet to play or a fiddler to play these great fiddle songs I loved. Fonzo was found and was perfect for the job. He is the first humanoid puppet of the Troupe. Aside from his fiddle playing, Fonzo is mute. He just gestures and plays his fiddle and we know exactly what he’s trying to say.


These conjoined dragon brothers crossed paths with some of us when we took a trip to New York City’s FAO Schwarz in 2007. They seemed like nice guys, but we were unable to bring them to join the Troupe in our small suitcases. But then in 2009, while some of the Birds and I went to Florida, Drago and Takato went to that FAO Schwarz for a Dragon Puppet convention, met up with them and then arranged for them to ship to join the QPT.

They look different, but they do share common ways of thinking including artistic creativity…


Back in 2007-2008, The DQPT helped supply puppetry entertainment for a Kid Show that was trying to go on local TV. We worked with a few other puppets who had nothing to do with the Quesal Puppets outside the Kid Show. When the kid show was cancelled, those other puppets went off on their way. Chester was one of those puppets. Without the kid show, he was left unemployed and homeless. So Bernie took it upon himself to bring him to join the Troupe and give him a home.

Chester is a youthful, cheerful and kind-hearted chimpanzee who can find enjoyment wherever he goes.

And that’s Division D!

What a Troupe we’ve assembled into!

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