The Origin of the Troupe

The David Quesal Puppet Troupe started in December 2005 when I was asked to do a puppet show as part of an annual Christmas festival in my hometown.

We made it to the front page of the newspaper!

I had Marty the Mammoth be an Emcee. Sam the Wolf and Clifford the Big Red Dog lip synced to folk music. Bernie the Bird sang and did comedy. Cameron the Chameleon played his horn to Lord of the Dance music. Drago the Dragon danced and told a story. Even Kermit the Frog sang a few songs (Not the real Kermit obviously).

The profits from that gig would be used to buy Wally the Wolf.

After the gig, I decided to take out Sam and Clifford for being rather worn out and for not having any limbs. I also chose to not have my Kermit the Frog puppet be involved so I could let my puppet act be it’s own thing.

Bernie, Cameron, Marty, Drago, Wally and occasionally Mikey the Shark (who wasn’t part of the first show) would be the new and improved ensemble of puppets I would use for the future gigs in 2006. The rest is history…


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