Davis Laseuq has had his Poverty Blog channel at for quite some time, but for the first time ever, he competes against some rich snob he saw online.


Davis’ Poverty Blogs – New episodes!

First, Davis was inspired by YouTube Star, Kawehi’s cover of Maroon 5’s song, “Payphone” and did a parody of it called “Cell Phone.” Davis is no Weird Al, but it’s worth a listen to at least once.

Then a great snowfall hit the midwest yesterday morning and so Davis went out into the snow to tell you about it so you don’t have to…um…yeah.

Davis’ Poverty Blogs – Episode 3

Davis is at it again with another episode of “Davis’ Poverty Blogs.” This episode, he gets inspired by our pretty back yard to use his imagination and pretend to be the creator of the World and imagines the back yard as the Garden of Eden. A fun little skit ensues from it!

Davis’ Poverty Blogs Episode 2

This new video blogging thing seems to be unlocking new ideas and things to talk about from working, money, exercise and the craziness that ensues from working with puppets! I love it! Check out the new episode of “Davis’ Poverty Blogs”

Davis has paid his bills and is now broke. So in this episode, there is no temptation to do any money spending. He’s just telling you how his day went and going off talking about whatever he wants. He also sells his shirt and turns into a monster. HUH? Just watch!