WIU Higgins Hall Implosion

Many people with a variety of cameras and media coverage captured the implosion of Higgins Hall at Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL.

But who would have thought there’d be a puppet news reporter covering it?


The weather in the Midwest is messed up!

Yesterday a Tornado warning was issued in the midwestern part of Illinois where we live…2 days before Christmas…WHAT? Okay, that’s nuts! Weather has been getting kind of odd the last few years; less snow around Christmas and more snow in February, but a Tornado warning? Mother Nature must be getting bored or something. Oh well, sirens went off, but no one was hurt and no major damage was done to anything. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday no matter what the weather is like.

QPT’s 10th Anniversary!

The first weekend of December was Macomb’s Dickens on the Square. 2015’s Dickens marked the 10th anniversary of not only the very first show that the QPT did for Dickens, but the very first show the QPT did EVER! So this video was made in Celebration of the QPT’s 10th Anniversary!

Dickens on the Square 2013

In Macomb, IL, Dickens on the Square is the Annual Christmas Festival and Holiday Spirit Kick Starter full of little markets, caroling, musicians and other forms of entertainment including the Quesal Puppets. This year, Johnny Jaundice tries to bring you coverage of the festival…”tries” being the key word.

Easter in The Park

Hope everyone had a good Sunday whether or not you celebrated Easter. That Morning, I tool Bluggs, Gai and Tai to the park and did some random fun filming on the nice, cool and peaceful morning while no one was around (I guess everyone else was at Church or at home celebrating Easter). Anyway, I hope you enjoy this video that I made rather spontaneously…

Marty the Mammoth in the Snow

Once again, Macomb, IL has been hit by a snow storm in the month of February. We got a bill in the mail today and had to take it to the Post Office. With the crazy snow conditions, we sent Marty the Mammoth out to drop the bill payment off at the Post Office because he loves going out in the snow. Big surprise there, right?