Scenes from a Hat (Like on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”)

Are you a fan of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Do you like the game “Scenes from a Hat?” Then maybe you’ll enjoy watching the Quesal Puppets play that game!



Happy National Coffee Day!

Today is September 29- also known as National Coffee Day! Please enjoy a cup of coffee while you watch this video of the QPT’s reporter, Johnny Jaundice, interviewing some other puppets from around the area about how much they love coffee and what coffee means to them. Enjoy!

New Videos of 2016

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been one busy fellow this 2016 so far. Deaths of famous musicians, politics annoying everyone trying to just sit back and watch TV. I’ve just been busy trying to take care of my family and working a lot. In order the counteract the stressfulness of the real world, I went rabid and produced 5 new puppet videos this month. With each video produced, I smiled and felt a sense of relief and good vibes. I hope watching them will entertain you and take you away from any major stresses you might be feeling in your lives right now. Keep your heads up high, people! KEEP YOUR HEADS UP HIGH!

Adele’s “Hello” was stuck in my head so I made this video


I finally put the QPT’s dating couple, Dana and Zaskin, in a fun skit together.


Drago the Dragon couldn’t find his saxophone. Maybe you’ll be amused to see where he finds it.


Newer QPT recruit, Max Montgomery, gets sent on a mission to go fishing for Mikey the Shark.


Finally for today I share with you a Quesal Puppet Troupe edition of The Possum Lodge Word Game from The Red Green Show.

MotorCity Puppet Blast

July 25th-27th 2014 at the Detroit Institute of Arts in Detroit, MI, there was an awesome festival of puppeteers and puppetry enthusiasts from all over the country. This festival was called The MotorCity Puppet Blast

Check out our Facebook photo album and see what all we did!


Also, check out the videos we made while we were there!

A parody of Pharrell Williams “Happy”


Cameron and Ikabob perform Shakespeare in front of a live audience!


Monster X plays with a Jack in the Box puppet!